Which Video wall controller to buy for LCD video wall?

So, you have decided to go on a video wall. LCD bezel video wall. wondering which controller to use for the solution? actually, it depends upon many situations.

1. WINDOWS based Controller:

widows controller are the best and easy to use controllers. can be managed and maintained easily like any other computer CPU.
The following advantages are of the windows controller.

1. very easy to manage content and hardware: this is very easy to manage content and hardware, it can be maintained locally as it is similar to a normal computer.
2. URL based sources can be displayed only on the windows controller.
3. VNC sources can be displayed on the windows controller.
4. Any no of sources can be displayed on the windows controller ( no limit of sources).
5. HDMI/DVI/SDI sources support. per LCD any no of sources can be displayed.
6. Modular approach option of redundant power supply available.
7. RAID support as per requirement.
8. The software can put content at any place of the video wall including full screen.
9. Add any tile to organize the content on the video wall.
10. It can be controlled over the network remotely including laptop and iPad.
11. Record any activity on the screen.

2. Embedded controller:

This kind of controllers are “Chinese” origin controller. 100% electronics based.
The following advantages of these controllers are there.
1. this controller is without the Operating system, so no reason for OS failure.
2. has a limitation of no of sources that can be displayed per output port.
3. since it is 100% imported needs replacement and service by an expert.
4. RAID support not available.
5. POWER redundancy available.
6. easy to install.
7. pixel to pixel mapping to display content.
8. URL sources not supported.
9. VNC sources not supported.
10. Supports HDMI/DVI/SCN hardware sources.
11. Software decoding not possible.

for details contact: 9811749980

3. Which controller is better:

Based on above analysis Windows is always better choice.

5. Where to buy

Following are the companies that deal in Windows based controller and are proven.

a. BARCO India Electronics.
b. Planner now Layered.
f. Delta.

*If your brand is not mentioned kindly contact us with your datasheet mysolutionforsystem@gmail.com

How to choose the right video wall controller:

Answers of following questions

Q:  What content you have to watch on your LCD video wall? Static, graphics, URL, VIDEO, CCTV etc.
Q:  How many panels you have to make a single video wall?
Q: where the content is coming from (local or remotely)?

Kindly comment and get answers to your questions. Your questions will be posted here with answers for other to refer.
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